Gold, the most prestigious of metals, a symbol of perfection:

The gold finery, luminous and warm, universally dedicated to magnifying feminine beauty is the ultimate vocation of the brand.

Refinement, delicacy, richness are its motto.
Sensuality and hedonism are its way of life.
Light, brightness and warmth are its colours.
Extreme femininity and elegance are its rule.



The woman who wears L’OR de TORRENTE is a confident personality with her own style, liberated from stereotypes and clichés of beauty. She is driven by her values. She is spontaneous, seductive and glamorous. She wears L’OR de TORRENTE because it reminds her and others about the kind of woman she is. L’OR de TORRENTE is her witness.

The Bottle & the Folding Carton

The Bottle:

A symbol: a round shape evocating the sensual curves of the woman, the very essence of her femininity.

Very Couture: the intricate leaves in gold, detailed with refinement, symbolise the embroidered laces and the inlays of each TORRENTE dress

A talisman: a tactile shape that we wish to take in our hands and keep for ourselves

Warm: an evocation of TORRENTE’s spirit and generosity

A jewel: a luxurious and precious object by itself

The Folding Carton

An evocation: a suggestive pictorial interpretation of the bottle
An alcove: the refinement of the ivory nacred paper stamped by TORRENTE logo

L’OR de TORRENTE is an invitation to the world of TORRENTE, her Haute Couture, her style and her dreams. The world embodied in a bottle, concentrated in a fragrance. L’OR de TORRENTE creates a memory which lasts forever – as only the most luxurious fragrance can.


Baies Roses


Lychee                                   Kiwi

Blackcurrant Leaves              Magnolia Leaves


Coffee Essence                      Rose Essence

Iris on Cedarwood

Vanilla Orchid                        White Amber                          Precious Woods

L’OR de TORRENTE a new femininity…

Audacity, spontaneity and a touch of impertinence qualify the fragrance’s opening which combines sparkling blackcurrant leaves and tangerine to exquisite exotic fruits giving lift to vegetal accents of angelica and magnolia leaves.

The heart seduce by the surprising marriage of rose essence and coffee essence… an unexpected scent… entrancing and charming, it shines and radiates like gold itself.

The finale is just delicacy and pleasure with its very precious iris on cedarwood and its soft and rich vanilla orchid.